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July 2011

Press Release

SEO means SOS for many businesses. According to Tess Sanders Lazarus, Managing Director of Invigorate Marketing, business owners need to understand web speak and the benefits of SEO.

"I am coming across far too many businesses that do not understand website optimisation and the benefits of good search engine optimisation (SEO) work.

In the UK, the Office for National Statistics reported that in 2005, 7 out of 10 Uk businesses had a website. In Australia most businesses have some type of website presence.

"Despite these figures, many businesses do not understand how to leverage the benefits of website performance in search engines. Business owners are of the belief that if they build a website, the world will come. The world wide web is full of billions of websites. The only way to find a website is either through typing the location of the website address into a web browser or through search engine and online directory listings.

"Society is more likely to find a product on Google than to search Yellowpages online - and much less likely to pick up a hard copy Yellowpages!

"Given this, businesses need to understand how to ensure their website performs well in search engines. Awareness and education is important to ensure business owners act and importantly, source out the right assistance and support at a fair price AND get the desired results.

"Key things to understand in the world of SEO include:

  • Organic search engine results appear in the left hand side of Google and these are FREE

  • ADwords appear in the right hand side of Google or at the very top of search results pages and these are paid for - usually called Sponsored Links

  • Search engine users search by key words, ie, plumber in Toorak

  • Organic search engine results find websites that include key words used by the searcher, ie, 'plumber in Toorak

  • Search engines look for the frequency and location of the words on a webpage

  • Submitting websites to search engines and online directories also increases the profile of your website

  • Build your website in html rather than flash, or limit the use of flash to ensure there is sufficient html in the site

  • Monitor and review website search results to determine where visitors are coming from. Analyse the results to understand which visitors are buying

    "Business owners should not allow themselves to be over-loaded with web speak and technical jargon - nor should they spend a lot of money on web advertising including Google ADwords without properly analysing which ADword links are producing sales. Good SEO work delivers wonderful results by improving listing results. Talk to businesses that have websites that perform well in Google and find out which SEO specialist they used to undertake their SEO work. Do your research, ask the right questions and find the right SEO partner.

    Websites that perform well in search engines such as Google experience significant increases in lead generation, new enquiries and increased business activity.

    For further information, please contact Invigorate Marketing Brisbane office on 07 3870 5288.