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April 2011

Press Release

Businesses need to be realistic when engaging an SEO professional. Too many businesses expect SEO professionals to achieve 'instant page one' results overnight on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it refers to the activity of improving the listing performance of a website in search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Many businesses are seeking 'page one' search engine results overnight when engaging SEO marketers. However many businesses are paying a lot of money to find that their website listing results are not improving significantly or ads are appearing on Google - but click-throughs are not translating into sales.

Tess Sanders Lazarus, Managing Director of Invigorate advises businesses to do their research when selecting a web optimisation partner. There are some key rules to follow:

  • Make sure you have a good website and it is appealing from both a design and a functionality point of view. The site should be well designed and easy to use. There is no point optimising your site and driving visitors to your online door if your website is of poor quality. This will drive people away. Optimisation is useless

  • If your site offers online shopping, ensure the shopping experience is easy. Minimise clicks to sale and ensure the purchasing facility is secure. Your site may be pretty, but useless from a shopping point of view. Design your site to 'sell' and make the selling process easy. The key to online selling is easy.... simplify, categorise and commoditise... (sell in simple units)

  • Meta tags are important. Don't build your site completely in FLASH.... include textual content that search tentacles can grab hold of

  • Refine the use of language and terminology in your website to ensure search engines are picking up the right key words. Avoid use of general language... use specific language as people search using specific word strings. Incorporate lots of these specific terms where possible and update your website regularly

  • Aim to achieve good listing results in the organic areas of search engines. In essence, these areas are free and should be optimised where possible

  • List your website with online search directories and keep these updated

  • If you undertake paid advertising such as ADwords... pay for service yourself. There have been many instances where businesses have paid significant amounts of money for ADwords via an agent and the agent has only applied a fraction of the spend on the actual ADwords

  • Link your social media places including FACEbook and Twitter to your website and vice versa and implement campaigns across all platforms in an integrated manner. Ensure you maintain key words and word strings in all of your online activities.

    Digital marketing offers signficant benefits for business owners and website optimisation is a must - BUT don't expect miracles overnight if your website is not SEO ready. All of the above activities should deliver better rankings for your website - and more enquiries and leads from your website provided you have followed the basic rules. There are many great website optimisation and management companies in the market space. Good SEO marketing companies will provide you with honest and informative feedback about what type of work needs to be undertaken to prepare your website for optimisation. They will also give you a fair and reasonable outline of what type of results to expect.

    When engaging an SEO marketing company, ask for examples of their work, talk to existing clients and find out what type of impact the optimisation work has had on their business.

    Invigorate undertakes website optimisation work for many businesses with great results. If you need to enhance the digital side of your business, contact Invigorate today.

    For further information, please contact Invigorate Brisbane office on 07 3870 5288.