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Achieving heightened levels of brand awareness and recognition in the market space requires an integrated approach to brand management. Advertising is an important form of controlled media that can be proactively managed and incorporated into strategic brand management plans to complement other forms of promotion, marketing and communication activity.

Invigorate offers an experienced and dynamic advertising division that offers an extensive range of services and importantly, a creative and highly revered design studio. The advertising division offers cutting edge services. These include:

  • Development of campaign concepts
  • Design of artwork for print, TV, outdoor and web media
  • Construction of copy to include in design artwork
  • Placement of advertising across all media
  • Identification of appropriate publications for placement
  • Identification of the most ideal stations and segments for radio
  • Identification of station and program options for television
  • Negotiation of rates and placement costs
  • Development of scripts for radio and television
  • Casting and production of radio and TV advertisements
  • Creation of billboard skins and other outdoor products
  • Development and placement of advertising on the Internet
  • National, international, or local advertising strategies

    Invigorate recognises the importance of advertising in the market space and the need to develop creative options with speed and accuracy against tight time frames. Invigorate also offers brand perception and recognition services to provide feedback on the success of advertising campaigns and the response of the market space.

    To grow your brand, promote your products and services, or create a successful sales campaign, contact Invigorate to find out how we can help you.

    We work with small businesses through to large organisations and can grow your business, bring clients and customers to your door and support you to achieve your business goals! We are based down the eastern seaboard of Australia and have an office near you.