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Case Studies

Invigorate works with a broad range of brands and businesses both locally and nationally to deliver cutting edge integrated services. We provide all clients with our 'M3' service guarantee - this means that our services will be MEANINGFUL (solutions contribute to the value of the business or brand in the market space), MEASURABLE (solutions can be tracked and measured) and MEMORABLE (solutions leave a lasting and enduring effect in the market space).

Below are some examples of our work.


Barker Transport Services

Brand requirement: To refresh the brand, attach a meaningful strap line to articulate their market positioning and unique offering, increase market share and create a virtual presence.

Brand solution: A strategic fully integrated approach was taken to achieve the organisation's brand needs. Refreshed brand, strap line, new range of collateral, new website, intensive media exposure and a range of marketing and promotional materials.

Barker Transport Services is one of Australia's leading transport and logistics companies. Barker Transport Services provides a broad range of services including EPA tracking, site creation and cleanup services, transport of all goods including dangerous and over dimensional items and provision of taxi truck services. The company sought Invigorate's assistance to refresh, sharpen and communicate its image in the market space to support its growth and expansion. To achieve this, Invigorate refreshed the brand, created a meaningful strap line and then developed and applied this across communications products, ie, full suite of collateral, marketing materials, a website, media publicity, newsletter and various other campaign activities.

  Barker Transport Services

St.George Foundation

Brand requirement: To design, develop and produce the annual report and create a virtual presence.

Brand solution: The development of an environmentally friendly, edgy and highly functional annual report in the form of a desk calandar incorporating annual report requirements along with childrens' recipes from recipient charity organisations. The design and build of a website to provide the organisation with a fresh, clean and informative website.

The St.George Foundation is underpinned and managed by the St.George Bank. The foundation's charter is to raise funds through a variety of fundraising activities for donation to worthy community causes and charities across the country. The foundation sought Invigorate's assistance to create an annual report that would be read and actively used and embraced by the community rather than placed on a bookshelf to collect dust - like so many annual reports. Invigorate responded by creating an impressive hybrid product - desk calendar/recipe book/annual report in environmentally friendly materials. The annual reports were distributed to the community via St George Bank outlets. In addition, Invigorate developed a website for the foundation to provide a virtual presence in the market space.

  St George Foundation

Belle Coastal Living

Brand requirement: To create a superior and distinctive brand in the market space.

Brand solution: The development of a fresh brand to launch the company into the market space. This included the creation of a SLOGO (logo and slogan) along with a suite of collateral for communications and marketing purposes, as well as the development of a virtual presence.

Belle Coastal Living is one of Australia's leading upper tier residential home renovation and building companies based in the South East corner of Queensland. Belle Coastal required the development of a unique brand to create a strong and enduring presence in the market space. To achieve this, Invigorate developed a crisp brand and tag line 'from concept to creation' and then applied this across other brand products to create an impressive suite of stationary and marketing collateral products. The brand was then extended across the virtual environment through the development and build of a website to showcase the company and its project work.

  Belle Coastal Living

Allfix Fasteners

Brand requirement: To grow awareness of the business, brand, services and products in the market space to increase market share.

Brand solution: Development of a comprehensive media publicity strategy incorporating rolling publicity campaigns and integrated emarketing activities to engage key markets and achieve press success across mainstream print media, local and community media, targeted industry publications and radio.

Allfix Fasteners is one of Australia's largest suppliers of fastening products to the building and construction industry. Based on the eastern seaboard, Allfix Fasteners is in the process of expansion and growth and engaged Invigorate to spearhead its growth focus across various market sectors. Invigorate developed a rolling campaign of media pushes to raise awareness of the organisation's products across target publics and created and implemented emarketing campaigns to extend market reach, support media activities and increase sales. Emarketing activities included viral email campaigns and enewsletters.

  Allfix Fasteners